Advanced Technology which Eliminates Pain without Narcotics, Needles or Needless Surgery

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  • New Patients, Who Had Not Considered Chiropractic Care Before, Are Attracted By The Aspen Apex Class IV Laser And It Keeps Them Coming Back.

  • New Patients Are Astounded When They Discover That 50% Of Their Pain Has Disappeared After The Very First 10-Minute Treatment With The Aspen Apex Class IV Laser.

  • New Laser Patients Can Be Treated By Your Laser Technician, Leaving You To Do What You Do Best.

The #1 Process Adopted by Every Practice Generating Over A Million Dollars A Year.

The Provider Must Clone Himself/Herself

The Two Major Methods Of Cloning Yourself.

1. Adopting Technology - Aspen Laser

2. Adding Another Provider


Why embracing the Aspen Apex Laser is the ultimate method for Cloning Your Self.

  • Proven Effectiveness

  • Scientifically Supported

  • Expand Diseases You Treat

  • Attract Non-Chiropractic Patients

  • Operated By Technician

  • Generates Income While Dr. is Otherwise Occupied

  • Rapid Adoption (10 Days Operational)

  • Low Cost of Adoption

  • Remarkable ROI (See Whitepaper)

  • Significant Tax Deduction

  • Payoff Possible Six Months

  • The Laser does not require sick days and will not quit and steal your patients.

  • See Technology Whitepaper for additional details

Why Adding An Additional Provider Is Not The Best First Move When The Goal Is Financial Freedom

  • Cost in Dollars for new provider.

  • Cost in Time to Locate exact prospect, train, problem solve

  • Cost of additional support staff: 2.

  • Monthly Expense: salaries, ins, personal days, etc.

  • Time to assimilate.

  • Advertising expenses to support new hires: Lead generation.

  • ROI: The break even point may be a year or more in the future.

  • The expense of dissolving the relationship with the new provider needs to be factored in from the beginning as a possibility. This includes the loss of patients.

Set your practice apart and embrace the future, where innovation meets excellence, and where your Practice transforms into a beacon of service and prosperity.

The future Is Now.

The Aspen Class IV Laser is Leading The Way In Modern Technology.

Our providers have found that the majority of patients attracted by Laser Therapy become Chiropractic patients as well.

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