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Laser System

Aspen 45w Apex Laser

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Aspen 47w Apex Laser

✨ "Apex Laser System: Unlock 44 Extra Days Off & Skyrocket Your Practice's Revenue" ✨

Product Description:

🌟 Why Choose Apex Laser System?

Do you know that Chiropractors who generate closer to $1,000,000/year take an average of 44 days off a year, while those who just make do take an average of only 17 days off a year.

Imagine taking 44 days off each year while your practice thrives like never before. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's time to turn that dream into reality with our Apex Laser System. This isn't just a Class IV laser; it's your ticket to a more profitable, efficient, and patient-friendly practice.

📦 What's in the Box?

Your Apex Class IV Laser

  • Heavy-Duty Mobile Stand

    Measuring 36"x 24" x 20.5", this stand comes with robust rollers for easy maneuverability.

  • Certification of your Laser Technicians

    We'll certify three of your staff members as laser technicians, absolutely free!

  • On-Site Training

    Our experts will train your team on-site, ensuring you're up and running from day one.

  • Open House Kit

    We'll help you host an open house to showcase your new laser system, generating income right off the bat.

  • Custom Marketing Package

    From PDFs for online marketing to physical rack cards, flyers, and banners, we've got your marketing needs covered.

🎁 Limited-Time Bonus

Purchase the Apex Tri-Plex or Quadri-Plex by year-end, and we'll throw in 3 months of 'Done For You' online advertising. This includes a $1,500 ad spend on Facebook and a comprehensive social media analysis.

💰 ROI That Makes Sense

  • Raw investment $46,995

  • Tax Deduction: Approx. $19,000

  • Real Investment: $27, 995

  • Estimated Monthly Payment: $900

  • Average Charge Per Session: $125

  • Break even often takes place at the open house.

  • Payoff can happen within 4-6 months*

  • See Transform Your Practice for complete breakdown

🌈 Transform Your Practice and Your Life

  • Be Better: Witness the transformative power of laser therapy in real-time, improving patient outcomes and your bottom line.

  • Help Others: Your investment doesn't just benefit you; it revolutionizes patient care, offering your new patients a future free from narcotics and needless surgeries.

⏳ Don't Miss Out!

The future of laser therapy is here, and it's not waiting. Seize this opportunity to elevate your practice and enjoy a life less burdened by work-related stress.

🤝 Join the Apex Family

You're not alone; many professionals have already upgraded their practices with Aspen Lasers. Trust in a future that's filled with potential and prosperity.

So, the real question isn't "Why should you buy?" It's "Can you afford not to?" Make the smart choice today and let the Apex Laser System redefine what's possible for your practice.

Laser Safety Training Program Now Available

We have partnered with Laser Safety Certification, Inc, a nationally recognized laser safety consulting company, to develop a new and exclusive “3 in 1” Laser Safety Training and Certification Program.


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